The Natural History Museum of Crete was established in the early '80's. It is part of the Faculty of Science. It consists of five Departments: Zoology, Botany, Geology-Palaeontology, Mineralogy and Anthropology. It is supervised by the Dean of the Faculty together with the Heads/Presidents of the Biological and Geological Departments. The Museum is directed by a Council which consists of the directors of its corresponding departements.

The aims of the Natural History Museum of Crete is the scientific resesarch and education. The study of the whole Greek area is already taking place while there are plans for scientific expeditions in the eastern Medirterranean countries. Though it is a new museum it has rich collections on greek animal and plant groups such as mammals, invertebrates, cave fauna and grasses. In addition the Museum has an almost complete database on the enviromental factors of the cretan and insular enviroment of the Aegean islands and also a very rich photographic archive on the animals, plants and ecosystems of Greece.

Education is another aim of the museum, as important as scientific research. Being a newly established Museum its building is still in preparation and that makes difficult a permanent exhibition for the public. Each year, in spite of the difficulties, there is at least one exhibition on the natural ernviroment of different greek areas.

Natural History Museum of CRETE


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